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We love what we do, and we’ll take any opportunity to show off a bit. We’re proud of our work, and we hope that you can get some great ideas for your little slice of paradise from our portfolio of past projects.

The Gathering

The name of the game for this project was “Fun!” Everything that we did for this design-build project perfectly encapsulates the attitude of Weekend Life. With so many ways to enjoy life outdoors, this home now has its own backyard resort. From a massive pergola with 12-inch posts and modern cantina lights to a shuffleboard court, bocce ball court, and flagstone fireplace, this one has it all. The homeowner wanted to create a space where they could relax in the evening by a wood-burning fire or play games with friends and family at any time of the day, and Weekend Life made it happen, expertly pairing class and fun for a one-of-a-kind yard.

outdoor dining
life outside

Life Outside

Because of the grade, this project flowed steeply downhill, so we installed a 90-degree wall to gain a level space that the homeowner could use for entertaining and relaxing. The main goal of this project was to offer a beautiful and usable yard without breaking the bank. Having a green space to play with the kids and a patio that could be used year-round were important considerations. The finished project came in at a total between $35K-$45K, and the low maintenance artificial turf will pay for itself in no time at all!

Outback Vista

This compact project packs a punch. From the start, the homeowner to make the most of their space and create a one-of-a-kind space that could be used for entertaining and relaxing at any time of the day. As is the case with all of our gas fire boulders, the client got to pick their boulder out from the quarry, ensuring a unique and personal main feature for this project. The brushed concrete patio, flagstone cut walkways, and seating wall were all designed to give year-round appeal to this yard and offer plenty of room to move around and enjoy life outside.

landscape lighting


This new landscape in a farming community required HOA approval to get started. Once we got our designs approved, we were able to put our work towards creating a beautiful outdoor living space with that required little ongoing maintenance on a smaller footprint and tidy budget. The size allowance of this project was a challenge, but we were able to create a resort-style patio with a gas fireplace and excellent ambiance. Through strategic plant selection and use of views and accent lighting, this yard came together as a great space for the homeowner to use year-round.

Energetic Escape

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backyard games
water feature


With this extremely unique backyard oasis, we were presented with a number of challenges that we did our best to turn into opportunities and features. Starting with a steep grade, we were able to level out a large portion of this yard in order to create a seating area with easy access right next to a beautiful cascading series of eight separate waterfalls and a large koi pond. By elevating the edge of the main flagstone patio entertaining space, we were able to create a vanishing edge landscape style that carries the eye off to the horizon. The view combined with the noise of falling water offers a closeness to nature that is hard to find in most neighbourhoods.

New-Build Basics

When the homeowner asked for a budget-friendly, HOA ready design, we were more than happy to oblige! The end result of this project was a yard that can be used any time of the year for all kinds of entertaining while still operating under HOA regulations and providing a low-maintenance setup. A smart irrigation system feeds the generous grass space and garden from the ease of the homeowner’s phone, meaning their outdoor living space will be ready for use whenever they need it.

bark mulch landscaping

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